You can see our COVID-19 resource page here.

Given the global pandemic, our campaign has made changes to adapt to COVID-19, the coronavirus, while we continue to fight for the future Oregon deserves.

The pandemic is scary to all of us, but I have hope. This public health crisis has exposed the inequalities of our economic system, and drawn attention to decades of disinvestment of our public systems, from healthcare to housing. This moment shows so clearly the need for universal healthcare, that we are all interconnected, and we need to take care of one another, because we are all only as strong as the most vulnerable in our community. The public now recognizes the need for policy solutions that seemed impossible before this crisis. We know that we can mobilize resources to ensure our families are safe, that our jobs are secure, and that our communities are healthy. We must be bold, and demand what we really need.

In House District 46, we are resilient — a community shaped by the immigrants, renters, and families who all make this district vibrant and diverse. We have all experienced hardship, and we can survive this crisis. I know that we will overcome the present challenges by loving and supporting one another.

If you’re wondering how you can still support our campaign, please like the Khanh Pham for HD 46 Facebook page and invite your friends. We will use the page to gather digitally to talk about the impacts in our community not only of the pandemic, but of ongoing inequality in housing and transportation, the climate crisis, and the erosion of our democracy. Given the need to move our campaign online, we will need more resources to reach voters, so if you can, please consider making a donation.

There will be more online opportunities to stay engaged with the campaign. I know we’re all feeling the stress of this unprecedented situation. Please, follow the guidance of public health professionals – we’ve pulled together a list of resources we trust, including important information for renters in Multnomah County Physical isolation and distancing help to keep vulnerable community members safe. Stay connected digitally, call your loved ones, and do your best to stay optimistic. This situation is new to all of us, but our commitment to the future Oregon deserves remains.


Khanh Pham

Candidate for HD46