1. We are a people-powered campaign. The Portland Clean Energy Fund campaign showed how grassroots people power can still win over big money and the political establishment. Khanh’s campaign isn’t being run like a traditional campaign. Instead, we are relying heavily on the participation of enthusiastic community members and volunteers who are contributing their time, skills and experiences. We welcome you to join us!
  2. We are a campaign to build a movement. This campaign is not just about winning a seat in the House to be able to pass bills, though that’s important. This is about a longer-term strategy of building a stronger mass movement for justice. Our communications are an opportunity to articulate a story and reframe issues in ways that plant seeds and help build a powerful  grassroots progressive movement. We are putting forward and communicating a positive vision of how we can together build a more equitable, inclusive society that serves the people rather than big businesses and the rich.
  3. We believe that organizing money and organizing people is how we build Power. Fundraising, organizing, and electoral politics are all ways to ask people to take action on their values. Whether we are asking people to go door knocking, register others to vote, or to volunteer in some other way, these are all opportunities to remind people of their values and to inspire and move our community to take action in alignment with our values and vision for the world. In this process, people will discover their own power and build their own leadership, all of which are essential building blocks for social change.
  4. We are changing who and how we govern. Khanh is running to ensure that our representative democracy truly represents grassroots communities. How she campaigns is also how she will govern. With the need to continue to fundraise while in office, Khanh plans to build an example of an elected leader who is accountable to the grassroots community, through rejecting corporate money.